Our Company

BL Healthcare provides products and services that extend the reach of healthcare providers beyond the clinic walls and enable patients to connect with their caregivers from where they live and work.

We have developed devices and applications that enable a broad range of real-time interaction between patients and providers including vital sign monitoring; patient assessment questionnaires; messaging and reminders; multimedia video education; and multipoint video conferencing.

Combining internet and broadband wireless technology with an open systems engineering approach, we have created innovative patient-facing devices that are simple to set up and use; and flexible provider-facing software to deliver appropriate levels of care to individual patients.

The focus of BL Healthcare has been on empowering patients by promoting interaction with their caregivers and participation in their care plan, as well as on enabling caregivers to more effectively monitor, manage and coordinate the care of their patients.

BL Healthcare, Inc. is a privately held, Mansfield, MA-based company.

Our Customers

BL Healthcare solutions are highly configurable for both patients and providers. As a result, a wide variety of organizations can use BL Healthcare products and services to facilitate growth, reduce costs and improve patient satisfaction.

Accountable Care Organizations

Patient healthcare access devices provide an interface for assisting patients in managing chronic diseases, simple video connection between patients and caregivers for coordination of care activities, and an easy to use touchscreen to provide patients ready access to information required for ACO activities.


Cost-effective remote care carts and kiosks can be placed almost anywhere within worksites to promote wellness and connect employees with health care providers. In-home devices can assist employees with management of chronic diseases to promote health and lower health care costs for self-insured employers.

Home Health Agencies

A range of solutions are available to assist home health agencies lower costs while increasing quality of care and promoting patient satisfaction. Our easy to deploy and manage system requires little provisioning in the home and simplifies IT management efforts. Devices and software promote implementation of video visits in a highly cost-effective way that can transform the home care experience for patients and providers.

Hospice Agencies

Video-based solutions enable hospice providers a cost-effective means of closely monitoring their patients, avoiding unnecessary emergency room visits and hospitalizations. The ability for providers to train family caregivers through multimedia video eduction and for patients to extend access to family members and friends through web-connected video calling enhances end of life care.

Hospital Systems

Easy to set up and use home devices that follow structured rehospitalization management pathways can accompany patients home after discharge and reduce unnecessary 30- and 60-day rehospitalization. Systems integrating video with general exam cameras and electronic stethoscopes make virtual visits possible for specific populations of chronically ill or high-risk patients and enable hospital-based physicians to expand their practices.

Insurors and Payor-Providers

The Healthcare Access System integrates vital sign monitoring, messaging and reminders, interactive health status and symptom assessments, multimedia video and video calling to provide comprehensive programs for remote management of chronic diseases, significantly lowering costs of care for high-risk patients while increasing patient satisfaction. These devices create dedicated channels of communication with plan customers.

Integrated Care Systems

The ability to share patient data across the system through EMR integration and to connect physicians, nurses, specialists, dieticians, and other care providers with patients and with each other through secure multipoint video enhances coordination of care and improves medical outcomes while controlling costs.

Nursing Homes/Rehab Centers

Healthcare Access Systems that can operate on patient televisions create dedicated information distribution channels that can simultaneously collect and transmit patient status information and provide patients information on their health, their medications, and on the activities and resources available through the facility. Embedded broadband wireless connectivity of devices and cloud-based server solution makes implementation possible without significant IT investments.

Physician Groups

Integration of data collection, patient education and video calling provides efficient means of monitoring and managing patients with chronic illnesses and high-risk medical conditions. Systems integrating video with general exam cameras and electronic stethoscopes make virtual visits possible for physicians wishing to expand specific care practices in a time-efficient manner.

Our Management Team


Michael Mathur

President & CEO

Dr. Harish Chandna

Chief Medical Officer

Ranga Krishnamurthi

Vice President, Research and Development

Vikas Shukla

Prinicpal Hardware Design Engineer

Rohitab Batra

System Architect

Gurkeerat Sidhu

Software Engineer

Board of Directors

Kailash Joshi, Ph.D

Dr. Joshi is a well-recognized business and community leader in Silicon Valley. He currently serves as an advisor to Satyam Computer Services, Ltd. He also devotes time to mentoring and guiding small companies and serves on the Boards of various businesses and non-profit organizations.

He is a co-founder of The Indus Entrepreneurs, a prominent global organization of entrepreneurs. He served as the President of TiE Silicon Valley and Vice Chairman of TiE Global from 2001 through 2004. Dr. Joshi co-founded American India Foundation in conjunction with a group of Indo-Americans and former President Clinton, and also served as AIF's first President in 2001.

Dr. Joshi also co-founded the Bluegrass Indo-American civic society in 1988. In 2004, he was a trustee of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPIO) and served India Community Center as a Co-President and serves on its Board of Directors. He edited the popular book "Essentials of Entrepreneurship", a John Wiley publication, that serves both teachers and students of entrepreneurship in many countries.

Dr. Joshi holds a B.E. degree, with distinction, from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, an M.S. degree from Washington State University, and a Ph.D. degree from Cornell University. He has served or currently serves on the Boards of over 15 business, educational, civic and charitable institutions. In October 2005, Dr. Joshi was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Science degree at a special convocation of the HNB Garhwal University in Uttaranchal, India for his contributions to entrepreneurship and information technology.

Michael Mathur

MS, MBA, Chairman

Company founder; developed the combination of core technologies. Has over 20 years of experience within the process control systems industry including product development, product and services business development, market and commercialization strategy development and execution.

Has successfully guided several hardware and software products and services business launches with Rockwell Automation and Invensys Home Control Systems. Responsible for growing the controller business for Rockwell Automation along with a team of marketing and commercial managers. Participated in acquisition of Reliance Electric for Rockwell Automation. Developed a Fieldbus systems business for Invensys. Michael hold a BS in Electrical Engineering from Andhra University in India, a MS in Computer and Information Science from University of New Haven and an EMBA from Cleveland State University.

Dr. Harish Chandna

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Harish Chandna is the Chief Medical Officer for BL Healthcare and is in private practice as a Cardiologist at the Victoria Heart and Vascular Center in Victoria, Texas, where he serves as the Director of Research. In addition, he is the Director of the Heart Program at DeTar Hospital, and serves as an Attending Cardiologist in other Medical Centers in and around Victoria, Texas.

Prior to his current position, he was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of Rajasthan, India, and the University of Illinois, and formerly served as the Cardiology Director of the Cardiac Care Unit at Michael Reese Hospital and Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois.

Dr. Chandna is a published author in a variety of prestigious medical journals and has been principal investigator in over 50 clinical trials. He brings over 20 years of medical experience as both a practitioner and researcher to the BL Healthcare management team.