The Healthcare Access Monitor

The Healthcare Access Monitor is designed to provide basic telemonitoring but can be reconfigured for more sophisticated interactive telehealth. Its built-in 1X/3G/4G LTE wireless modem simplifies setup—it just needs to be plugged in. The Monitor automatically connects to the network and transmits data collected from paired Bluetooth® vital sign monitoring devices to a remote server, where this information can be reviewed by health care providers.

  • Built-in 1X/3G/4G LTE wireless
  • Bluetooth medical device connectivity
  • Additional serial and USB connections for cabled medical devices
  • Ethernet and telephone connection ports

In addition to built-in wireless, the Monitor includes Ethernet cable or phone line connections for areas where wireless service is not available. The Monitor automatically identifies the connection to be used for data transmission.

The Monitor provides a secure method of collecting and transmitting vital sign information to health care providers that only requires patients to use the provided vital sign devices.


The range of functions of the Healthcare Access Monitor can easily be expanded through optional service packages that enable the Monitor to support interactive features such as text-based questions and answers, messages and reminders, multimedia educational video and video conferencing. The demonstration below shows how this upgrade program works. Upgrades can be made with minimal hardware changes on the patient end; software upgrades on patient devices and the provider web interface are made automatically from the server.

Interactive Healthcare Access Monitor Demo

Select any of the tabs on the bottom right (Basic Monitoring / Interactivity / Multimedia / Video) to see more information on package options.

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