The Healthcare Access Station

The Healthcare Access Station is a more sophisticated gateway device designed for use in clinical applications such as kiosk or medical cart solutions. With built-in 3G/4G LTE wireless, it does not require an Ethernet connection to communicate with the network, although Ethernet is a connection option. The Station aggregates and transmits a wide range of vital sign and diagnostic medical data and features an embedded high-definition video server. Integrated medical peripheral devices including a weight scale, blood pressure meter, glucose meter, pulse oximeter, stethoscope, 12 lead ECG, thermometer, and a general examination camera. It features a custom graphical interface that is easy for patient or medical staff to use and does not require computer literacy.

  • Integrates a wide range of peripheral devices
  • Supports High-definition video conferencing
  • Requires only power connections
  • Used by patient alone or with assistance from medical personnel
  • HL7-compatible software
  • Optional Ethernet connection

The Station serves as the engine for high-availability remote care access and can be implemented with a kiosk or medical cart. The embedded 4G LTE wireless capability makes it easy to place in a a wide variety of locations without the need to provision LAN connections, while the use of embedded engineering with no hard drive or Windows system significantly decreases IT support requirements. It can display vital sign measurements, the results of health status and symptom assessments, health care-related messaging and reminders, video-based health education and video conferencing with health care professionals.

The Station's interface can be tailored for each location type ensuring ease of use, high availability, and long term durability. The interface is designed to be used alone or with assistance from a nurse.

* - FDA clearance pending*