Tele-Health Wall Unit

The Tele-Health Wall Unit devices communicate directly with the secure, IP-based Healthcare Access Server. The Server runs a proprietary BL Healthcare application that creates a web-based interface for providers to manage patient interaction and care. Providers use a secure login from any internet-connected device with a browser to access the software and perform all necessary patient and patient-related management functions, including video calling. BL Healthcare has also developed applications to allow users to access Server functions such as video conferencing from iOS or Android devices such as tablets and smart phones.

The Tele-Health Wall Unit gives clinicians access to a highly configurable tool set for designing and managing patient care. Using these tools they can create care plans tailored to individual patients or groups of patients, manage messaging and notifications based on vital sign measurement or question responses, view trended charts of vital sign data, create clinical pathways and assign multimedia educational content to be viewed directly to the patient's Healthcare Access Device.