BL Healthcare Video Conferencing

Video-based interaction adds an important dimension to patient care delivered with Healthcare Access devices, supplementing the information gathered by vital sign monitors and patient questionnaires and reinforcing text messages and educational video clips. Video provides the opportunity for providers to further personalize care, increase patient satisfaction, and increase communication and coordination among the patient’s care team.

Integration of video into the Healthcare Access System creates a wide range of opportunities for interactions between patients and providers:

  • Virtual clinic visits
  • Health counseling / coaching
  • Home health video check in
  • Video visits for case management
  • Coordination of care between multiple parties
  • Wound/skin inspection (using simple plug-in cameras)
  • Directly observed therapy
  • Video conferencing with family members

BL Healthcare devices feature embedded technology that enable secure video calling between patients and their care providers. Our video technology features simplicity of use for patients and provider access from any web-connected interface. Devices operate on the Verizon 4G LTE network to enhance the speed and quality of video transmission.

Key features of the video conferencing solution include: