HAT – Telehealth Device (4G and WiFi)

From $399.00

HAT is a simple telehealth device that connects to any television with an HDMI port.

  • Healthcare Access Terminal (HAT) is a Simple Telehealth Device that connects to any Television with an HDMI port (HDMI cable is included).
  • A simple remote control and one touch button for ease of use.
  • You can use your own WiFi for connectivity. Low monthly/annual subscription REQUIRED.
  • Information and education via videos can be displayed on the television.
  • Some of the great benefits of this device include, medication reminders, appointment reminders, and our world class Caregiver App (iOS and Android) that allows family members to join live video, a way to stay in touch right through your TV.
  • Medical Peripheral Devices that can be purchased separately are: Wireless BP meter, Wireless Weight Scale, Wireless Pulse Oximeter, Wireless Thermometer
  • General Examination Camera, Wired Stethoscope. Complete kits are also available.
  • $50 rebate if you qualify for Medicare’s RPM, CCM and Telehealth Programs and your primary care physician (PCP) agrees to partners with BL Healthcare to remotely provide these services as per CMS requirements or you authorize BLH Partner to provide these services to you.
Wireless Option

This is the wireless option