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Providing Simple Telehealth Solutions
Directly to you.

Telehealth is changing how care is delivered  to you. We can help provide the access you want, when you need it and how you want it!

Simple Devices that Provides Complete Access to Healthcare
BL Healthcare manufactures and sells Telehealth devices directly to you, These devices connect you to Healthcare providers, family Members, payors, and caregivers right From Your Home or room!

 No Apps to Download, no setup, No configuration (except WiFi) and no maintenance

Use your own TV. Simply connect HAT device over HDMI port to convert it into a powerful Telehealth device!
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Healthcare Access that Fits In Your
Existing Life Style
Live Life, We Will Fit In! 
BL Healthcare offers  integrated telehealth solutions for individual patients, long-term care facilities, and urgent-care environments. See how our devices and solutions can fit your individual needs.
Telehealth On Demand!

Telehealth makes access to doctors, nurses, caregivers available to you on-demand. You have options to have Subscribe to services that lets gives you access when you need it and how you want to it.

Services are provider by best of the best providers all over the world making is possible for you to choose what works best for you!
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Telehealth is the Future of Healthcare!
Treat in Place

Treating in place and avoiding readmissions improves outcomes and quality measures for both SNFs and hospitals and reduces risk to patients.

Treatment Plans

Telemedicine physicians can provide a diagnosis and treatment plan in real time and order additional labs and tests, based on the capabilities of each facility.

Avoid Penalties

Avoiding preventable readmissions avoids penalties and maximizes incentive payments.

Intervening Early

Early intervention by a telemedicine physician will prevent the patient's condition from worsening.


With telemedicine, patients and healthcare facilities have unencumbered access to physicians on demand.

Early Detection

Telemedicine allows patients to receive thorough exams when a change in medical condition occurs, allowing for early detection and condition management.

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