HAT-TV Starter Kit (WiFi Only)

From $379.99

BL Healthcare HAT-TV Kit – Telehealth TV Conference Starter Kit (WiFi Only) – Works with Any TV with HDMI Input – Convert Your TV Into A Powerful Telehealth Interface

  • We have released a Telehealth Conference Device Kit that connects to any television with an HDMI port (and wall outlet power). A simple remote control and one touch button for ease of use.
  • You can use your own WiFi connectivity.
  • BL Healthcare will assist you to connect to your primary care physician or an ondemand doctor. The system allows clinicians to provide video based consultation. Information and education via videos can be displayed on the television.
  • Some of the great benefits of this device include, medication reminders, appointment reminders, and our world class Caregiver App (iOS and Android) that allows family members to join live video with your provider or use it as a way to stay in touch right through your TV.
  • This starter kit includes: Wireless Blood Pressure Meter, Wireless Weight Scale, Wireless Pulse Oximeter, Wireless Thermometer. (Other peripherals sold separately are the General Examination Camera and Wired Stethoscope)