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Healthcare Access Tablet

BL Healthcare proudly presents the Healthcare Access Tablet (HAT), the perfect low-cost solution to help individuals track changes in their health status and consult with medical providers from the comfort of their own home. The HAT is a standalone medical device featuring an interactive touch screen display and wireless vitals monitoring equipment. With all of the device’s capabilities pre-installed and built in to the platform, simply plug it in and start connecting with care providers from virtually anywhere! 

➝ 7”, 10” or 15” touchscreen display ➝ Beautiful, colorized 1080p HD video resolution ➝ Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity (and optional 4G LTE) ➝ Built-in forward-facing camera along with handheld 12MP examination camera (included) ➝ Built-in microphone and 12W speakers for video conferencing

Assess Vital Signs

Including pulse rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, body weight, body temperature, and more!

Set Reminders

On your HAT device to make sure you never forget to take your medications or assess your daily vital signs

Track Changes

Track the progression of your chronic medical conditions using our Chronic Care Management platform

Safe & Secure

HIPAA compliant storage of patient information


Any changes in your status with your primary care physician or other designated medical providers


The Healthcare Access Tablet (HAT) is the perfect addition for any home